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Funded Programs


Faith Based and Community Initiatives
for the 2010 2011 Program Year

Claflin University (Grant: $166,698)
Fifty (50) primarily college level Corps members will tutor   middle level students from Orangeburg and Calhoun County.  The role of these members will be to design weekly lessons to instruct the middle level students and to provide one-on-one mentoring and tutoring in reading and writing. Outreach into the community will attract adults to assist in these activities

United Way of Greenville (Grant: $286,247)
Twenty seven (27) members will support a number of initiatives in Greenville and Pickens County. The programs served consist of Financial Independence Programs, Benefits Bank Counselor & VITA Sites, Foothills Family Resources, Greer Relief, Center for Community Services, Alston Wilkes Society, ARC of Pickens County, Seniors Unlimited , SHARE, Good Samaritan, Clemson Community Care, Pickens YMCA, Pickens County Library, IDA, Urban League, YWCA, Greenville Housing Fund, Furman Community Conservation Corps, Furman Center for Sustainability, Workforce/Career Skill Programs, Greenville Collaborative for Workforce Development, Graduate Greenville, Travelers Rest and Communities in Schools.

Campus Compact (Winthrop University) EAP (Grant: $42,328)
Two hundred and fifty (250) AmeriCorps members in fourteen (14) SCCC institutions will participate in the Healthy Families program are located throughout South Carolina, and as a result community sites will be located in 18 South Carolina counties. SCCC members have developed strong partnerships with their communities and the public, private and nonprofit organizations that work with poverty and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Clarendon School District One (Grant: $229,460)
Seventeen (17) Corps members operating in three school districts will serve 950 primary/elementary students, 325 middle school students, and 80 high school students throughout the school year and during the summer months providing one or more components for academic enrichment. In addition, members will serve approximately 200 families through a parenting/ community component. Faith and community-based organizations will be provided necessary training for volunteers to serve in the school system. Faith-based organizations will be encouraged to adopt a school and have members to serve as volunteers on a regular basis.

Have Faith Community CDC (Grant:$180,531 )
Fifteen (15) Corps members engaged in sustaining and expanding efforts to address the educational needs of single mothers and their children in Clarendon County's School district 2. The program is designed to provide the proper support and motivation to prevent students from dropping out of school. The primary focus is to prevent the student from becoming disengaged or withdrawn from school. HFCDC provides remedial education assistance, monitors homework completion and involvement in the classroom, tracks daily

Spartanburg School District Seven (Grant: $275,086)
One hundred (100) primarily of high school and college level Corps members performing tutoring and mentoring in schools, community centers and faith based locations in the Spartanburg Seven School District.  Members will also engage in a variety of volunteer recruitment and community service activities throughout the year.

Pee Dee Coalition (Grant: $183,435)
Ten (10) Corps members will be engaged in a collaborative project to reduce victimization from domestic and sexual assault through primary prevention methods and to increase reporting by victims through increased public awareness and outreach efforts. The proposed service area for this project, which is impoverished & rural, encompasses the counties of Chesterfield, Marlboro, Dillon, Marion, & Williamsburg. As the linkage between adverse childhood experiences and a lifetime of continued victimization or abuse is recognized, members will facilitate a better understanding of the importance of both prevention & intervention at the earliest possible level.

Edgefield Schools (Grant: $174,348)
Sixty (60) Corps members performing tutoring and mentoring to 600 grade 1-5 students elementary schools in Edgefield County as well has recruiting community volunteers, completing disaster preparedness training and performing community service.

WINGS for Kids (Grant: $203,059)
Forty two (42) Corps members will develop the social and emotional skills that increase motivation to learn, make students more attached to school, decrease misbehavior and improve attendance, grades, standardized test scores and graduation rates. They will provide a high-quality after school program that gives children a safe harbor when they would otherwise be left unsupervised at home or subject to the dangers of street life.  The curriculum is designed to develop self-awareness, relationship skills, social awareness, self-management and responsible decision-making.

Trident United Way (Grant: $116,999)
Nine (9) Corps members provided by this grant will be instrumental in launching the initial phase of implementation of the Financial Stability Project (FSP), which will focus on co-locating services in high traffic community locations. Members will function as Family Navigators and will be placed at eleven identified sites in high poverty rural areas and densely populated urban areas to help families navigate support systems related to basic needs, financial/adult education services, public benefits, tax credits, and health coverage.

Building Bridges AmeriCorps (Grant: $131,612)
Thirty eight (38) Corps members providing tutoring and mentoring in eight (8) schools in Lee County.  Members consist of adult and high school students on track to graduate.  In addition, members will engage in community service in collaboration with local faith based organizations and conduct community volunteer recruitment activities.

United Way of Anderson County (Grant: $116,854)
Ten (10) Corps members placed in participating organizations in Anderson County to increase high school graduation rates/GED completion through tutoring mentoring and service learning.  Collaborating organizations include, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, Alston Wilkes Society, Anderson Interfaith Ministries Women & Children Succeeding Program, Youth Volunteer Corps, We Stand for Kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Impact!, Family Promise, Anderson County School District 4 and Anderson County School 5..

Spartanburg  School District One (Grant: $231,085)
Eighty (80) high school seniors, on track to graduate, engaged as part of a structured, school-managed cross-grade tutoring program will provide tutoring services to "academically deficient" students in (8) elementary and one (1) middle school in the Spartanburg One School District.  Member will also actively engage in community service projects, volunteer recruitment and disaster preparedness and response training.

Lancaster School District (Grant: $136,600)
Thirty eight (38) Corps members providing tutoring and mentoring in eight (8) schools in Lee County.  Members consist of adult and high school students on track to graduate.  In addition, members will engage in community service in collaboration with local faith based organizations and conduct community volunteer recruitment activities.


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